Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Caco from Uruguay we met in Sagres
  • Alberto wolf y los terapeutasMas cuando arranque
  • Alberto Wolf y los TerapeutasEs facil desviarse
  • Gustavo Pena ''Príncipe''Imaginando buenas
  • Tal vez ChechéJaime Roos
  • Jaime RoosAmor profundo
  • Jaime RoosDurazno y convencion
  • Gustavo Pena ''Príncipe''Como que no?
  • Gustavo Pena ''Príncipe''Mandolin
  • Jorge Ben JorCurumin chama cunhata que eu vou contar
  • Jorge Ben JorO telefone tocou novamente
  • Jorge Ben JorO namorado da viúva
  • Clara nunesO canto das três raças
  • Bruna CaramFeriado Pessoal
  • Ana MouraDesfado
  • Maceo ParkerMaceo's groove
  • Maceo ParkerLet's get it on
  • hot 8 brass bandSexual healing
  • GalacticEverybody wants some
  • aniceto Molina y la Liz roja de San MarcosCumbia cienaguera
  • ratones paranoicosLa nave
  • Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricotaEsa estrella era mi lujo
  • Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricotaUn angel para tu Soledad
  • Rolling StonesDance
  • Rolling StonesSend it to me
  • Rolling StonesBeast of burden
  • pescado rabiosoCementerio club
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

I was introduced to Caco by Charlotte (playlist soon) who named him “eyelashes” – I guess you can imagine why. Caco is from Uruguay, traveling for a while in Europe on his way to Australia. I felt Caco was a good and protective friend, who really cared about you. He warned Charlotte, as a father would do, to not bring shitty food into my house (since I was trying to eat healthy). The result being, the shitty food aka cookies and nutella staying in my car. Later he actually became the father, as he let Cecile and Jon (playlist soon) live in his house, while he was working and playing the bills. I felt like his older daughter, the one who already moved out of the house, finished studies and is now living on her own. When caco wasn’t busy being a father to us, he would show his pervert side. With jokes and theories. He believes everyone is a pervert, and that because I am not – for now – I am repressing it and someday I will be even worse. “A rapist” said Jon, my brother in this family. What a sweet family I got.

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Charlotte 23.09.18
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