Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Catarina from Portugal we met in Mozambique
  • KakanaSerenata
  • 340mlFairy Tales
  • Aline FrazãoTanto
  • Rubel Quando bate aquela saudade
  • CéuCangote
  • Clube da EsquinaUm Girassol da Cor do Teu Cabelo
  • Los HermanosSamba a Dois
  • Marcelo CameloVida Doce
  • Profissão de UrubuCigarro na Orelha
  • Carminho & Marisa MonteChuva no Mar
  • Ana MouraEu Entrego 
  • Rodrigo AmaranteTuyo 
  • Manu ChaoLagrima de Oro
  • Chancha Via CircuitoAmelia
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

I’ve known Catarina my entire life. Even though we grew up in the same small town in the middle in Portugal, it was far away in the big city of Maputo that we actually became friends. Catarina is a chilled girl that seems to have the perfect balance between enjoying being social and having the best time by herself. If you don’t know where she is on a weekend morning, she is most likely swimming at the ocean or feeling her toes on the sand. If you want to find her on a weekend night she might be having a blast with her friends. Catarina is quirky and proud about it. She adopted three small cactus and even took one of them on holidays with her. She carries another one tattooed in her arm, just like the mozambican palm tree on her leg. With her everything seems to be easy as she will always reply to you “Tranquilo”.

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Catarina 06.11.17
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