Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Cecile from Switzerland we met in Sagres
  • prince blackmanrockers delight
  • jack johnsonescape (the pina colada song)
  • onrams. ho
  • souleancela californie
  • nick monacothe stalker
  • yellow ostrichwhale
  • portugal. the manthe sun
  • joe dukie & dj fitchiethis room
  • daniel norgrenmoonshine got me
  • allah-lasyemeni jade
  • allah-lasno voodoo
  • william onyeaboratomic bomb
  • a tribe called questluck of lucien
  • tim maiarational culture
  • jorge ben jortake it easy my brother charles
  • radio citizensummer days (feat. bajka)
  • R.L. BurnsideSomeday Baby
  • the dandy wharolsboys better
  • os mutantesa minha menina
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

Cecile is a very pretty swiss girl that speaks english with a funny french accent. She was in Sagres in April traveling with her friend and when I met her then I said: oh I have seen you there, there and there. So when she came back to Sagres two month later I introduced myself: Hey I am Alex, the weird stalker. She is cool so she wasn’t creeped by this and became my friend. I tried her carver skate and her surfboard on the same day and I wanted both of them so much ! (I actually wanted to be her) As I already have a surfboard I bought the Carver, and now she is teaching me! She is a physiotherapist that used to do downhill. Now she is traveling and surfing. She is a great friend and super rad!

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Charlotte 23.09.18
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