Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Julie from Norway we met in Sri Lanka
  • NeikedSexual ft. Dyo
  • Spice GirlsWannaBe
  • RobynIndestructible
  • CherStrong Enough
  • Kings of LeonRevelry
  • Maroon 5She Will Be Loved
  • AdeleMake You Feel My Love
  • James TWWhen You Love Someone
  • James BayLet It Go
  • Ella EyreWe Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
  • The FrayYou Found Me
  • Karpe DiemTusen Tegninger
  • AdeleWhen We Were Young
  • AlexisonfireRough Hands
  • Petit BiscuitSunset lover
  • Marthe WangTil Deg
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

Julie is very likely the most beautiful woman i have met! She’s confident and so so so so intelligent! Usually the first thing she does in the morning is checking the news and she always knows so much about everything, she truly has a curious mind!

We met in my first week in Sri Lanka and after a while we decided to go spend a weekend in the Maldives just because, well, we could! There we had the opportunity to explore, do snorkelling and also swim close to dolphins and sea turtles! There, for obvious reasons, we got hooked to the Little Mermaid song, I would sing in portuguese and she would sing in Norwegian!

Julie is the kind of girl who LOVES massages, but don’t get fooled by Julie’s beauty (inside and out) and sweetness. Julie is also a BADASS. In the past she used to go skydiving, jumping on HER OWN! And you know what makes her even more courageous? After recovering from an accident jumping, Julie went on to fly and jumped again on the same day but one year later!

I also like to call Julie “Miss Positivity” and this name is not random, she can appreciate the smallest thing and be thankful for it. One time she got the most basic sandwich at a bar, and if you heard her talking about it, you would think this was the best sandwich in the world! Speaking of bars, if you go out with Julie it’s quite likely you will see her ordering a Pink Cloud. What is that??? Well, it’s a challenge for the bartender!

Passionated about history and politics, Julie is always up to date! When she visited me last time we talked about the feminism movement going on today and she gave me a small book about it, which i gave another friend, and i hope this book is passing in different hands through time ?

Julie is an authentic unicorn, so special and unique and one of my best friends ❤️



Note: Julie started the playlist with the song we used to listen and dance to in Sri Lanka, as well as with our other friends, and since then this song reminds us of our crazy times.

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