Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Loic from Brasil we met in Ireland
  • Racionais MC'sEu Sou 157
  • Seu JorgeAmiga da Minha Mulher
  • Águas de MarçoElis Regina & Tom Jobim
  • Luiz GonzagaAsa Branca ft. Fagner, Sivuca, Guadalupe
  • Dennis e Mc's Nandinho & Nego BamMalandramente
  • Mc MarcinhoGlamurosa
  • NatirutsNatiruts Reggae Power
  • Marcos & Belutti Aquele 1% part. Wesley Safadão
  • Adriana CalcanhottoFico Assim Sem Você
  • Charlie Brown JR.Pontes Indestrutíveis
  • Cidinho & DocaRap da Felicidade (Eu só quero é ser feliz)
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

The moment we arrived at the hostel in Bundoran a football game of the Olympics was playing on the TV. “Porra” (“damn”) he yelled at the screen. One of the teams was Brazil. So I thought “ok he is Brazilian”. Turns out Loic is actually french, his mother his Tahitian, but he grew up in Brazil. Now he is living in Paris where he is studying business. As we watched the WSL competition Loic told me he remembers being in Tahiti when he was little. He also got to share a wave with Kelly Slater in Brazil once – being one of the most enthusiastic moments in his life. Loic is super nice and helpful, honest and wise. He spent the summer in Ireland to improve his english while being able to surf some colder waters. In his last night we watched the olympics football final, and with some magic casted by our “dolphin” group, Brazil got to win the trophy!


Note: I wrote this text about Loic in 2016 when we met… a new update would be that Loic has just graduated from Trinity College Dublin! Congratulations Loic!!

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Eduardo 09.10.18
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