Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Mark from USA we met in Sagres
  • hot hot heat naked in the city again
  • pinbacknon photo blue
  • interpol obstacle 1
  • the strokesmodern age
  • gorillaz o green world
  • boys like girls on top of the world
  • circa survive in fear and faith
  • anthony green miracle sun
  • albert hammond jr call an ambulance
  • arctic monkeys do me a favour
  • the killers believe me natalie
  • alabama shakes gemini
  • drake ft. omarion bria’s interlude
  • chris brown down
  • copeland she changes your mind
  • coldplay don’t panic
  • rick ross devil in a new dress
  • kid cudi make her say
  • justin bieber [rustie remix] where are ü now
  • yeah yeah yeahs maps
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

Mark will make you love and hate him at the same time. He is always talking about something. But he has a lot of energy and makes a difference when he’s present. He is the party! He will make you this sweet drink with fresh oranges and….. vodka. He sounds like a robot when speaking portuguese (from Brasil). You can follow his life on Snapchat as LasDivine.

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  1. Mark says:

    Dude, you really made the website clean and fast. Love the updates.

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