Collection of playlists from people that I meet around the world.... What about you, what do you sound like?
Martin from Argentina we met in Sagres
  • Calle 13Latinoamerica
  • OrishasEl Kilo
  • Los cafresBastará
  • ArmandinhoPescador (ao vivo)
  • SumoNo tan distintos
  • SistersDivididos
  • Bob MarleyConcrete jungle
  • Paolo NutiniThese streets
  • KygoSexual Healing
  • The Rolling StonesGet off of my cloud
  • The DoorsHyacinth House
  • BroncoQue no quede huella
some songs may not be availabe on youtube/spotify

Martin is from Argentina, I am from Portugal. Our first conversation was, of course, who is better Messi or Ronaldo? When Portugal was playing against Croatia we watched the game together and even tough he was rooting for Croatia that day, when Portugal won the championship he indeed congratulated me and called me a cool portuguese. In Sagres we didn’t hangout a lot but as a coincidence I gave him a ride to Lisbon. In these three hours we chatted about so many subjects we enjoy in common. Martin told me before he had a steady job, a girlfriend and an apartment in Buenos Aires, he then left everything and has been traveling for two years. He is now going home for his nephew’s first anniversary. AND HE IS AWESOME

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