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What is and what could SoundsLike be? 21.09.17

When we travel, even if inside our own country, we open doors to many possibilities. We explore new places, meet new people and make good memories.

The best thing is that along the way we get richer with all these experiences.
As It says on the about page:

Sounds Like is an idea;
to bring people together through their individual style
influenced by a place and time we shared.

But what does this mean?

This means that I found this way to keep the people and their energy with me
and have decided to share it with you.

I love the details on each personality, that everyone can bring something new to us and that by sharing their music, these kind souls who went all the way to make playlists for us, allow me and you, to explore the world on another way!

This project started in a very personal way last year, as you can read about here, but now there is room to grow into something even more special. I am not sure when I will be traveling again, but would be nice to get to know local artists and people who are making good things around the world!

I am starting with some playlists from Sagres, but I will be sharing playlists from Peniche, Ireland, Mozambique, Lanzarote and Sri Lanka for the closer future.

Stay tuned because sounds like we will be having lots of fun exploring!

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